Bâtiment global International

Fault Detection

Fault detection criteria are optimized in order to facilitate the successful implementation of corrective measures before the building occupants and systems are affected.


The complete analysis of a building and systems is done on a continuous basis thanks to DABOTM technology and our team of analysts specialized in the optimization of HVAC systems.

Historical Metering Data

Historical data collected at regular intervals can be accessed at any time, thus allowing to get a global view of the energy efficiency of the various HVAC systems and to assess their evolution over a period of time.

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Implementation and Continuous Commissioning

1st Step: Data Acquisition

Bâtiment Global supports the installation of various devices for the acquisition of data from your building on a continuous basis. This implementation is simple and related costs are low.

Step 2: Data Processing and Analysis

Once the implementation is completed, data are transferred to highly secure servers for real-time analysis by our team of specialists with the help of the DABOTM software.

Step 3: Implementation of Corrective Measures

A list of corrective measures to be implemented is sent through DYBEE, a proprietary Web application of Bâtiment Global.


BGI Solution offers the following benefits:

Helping you achieve energy efficiency for the benefit of your organization, the environment and futures generations.